Answers to commonly asked Questions

Who is

Learn-U caters to both students who wish to learn online and educators wishing to share or selling their knowledge online. Educators can be a teacher, trainer, lecturer, or expert in a field.

How long have you been in business?

We started in early 1995 as GlobalMarketing and originally focused on creating websites. Then in 1997 our Founder joined Adobe as an Application Engineer. After leaving Adobe in 2000 she created GlobalOrg and offered Adobe Training, d.b.a. Adobe Training in..or Adobe Training in Phoenix…

Who is Adobe?

Adobe Systems, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company changing the world through digital experiences. They help their customers create, deliver, and optimize content and applications via print, web, video and mobile devices.

How are you considered an expert in the training field?

We have delivered Adobe Certified Training since 2000. Then one of the early adapters to online-training. Gathering educators who are experts in their field.

Who are our clients?

Our customers are individuals to fortune 100’s. Initially, they were anyone who needed to use Adobe products in a variety of types of business within many sectors including Corporate, Government, Not-for-profit and Education. See our full client list here…Since, we are adding many students via our educators.

How do we rate?

Well see what our past clients say from our testimonials.

Step by step we trained in person in our training rooms, client sites, seminars, trade shows, lunch and learns. And now we are packaging all our knowledge and delivering it to you in an convenient online package.

Why choose us?

  • User Progress and Course Ratings
  • Lesson Attachments and Questions
  • Self-hosted Audio and Video Player
  • Extended Personal User Profiles
  • Over 14 years of training experience!

Here's our full history

  • Incorporating as GlobalOrg in 2000…we added variations of our company to our portfolio.
  • Early 2000, we became an Adobe Authorized Reseller.
  • Early 2000, we became an Adobe Certified Training Provider covering the Adobe product line, Ace Certified in several products in order to offer quality training.
  • April 19, 2000, started accepting on-line payments via PayPal .
  • Spring of 2000, we became Members of the Microsoft Solutions Developer Network( MSDN) Business connection.
  • Summer of 2000, we became Apple Solution Experts.
  • Late fall of 2000, we became an Authorized Book Reseller for various publishers of books helpful for training.
  • Winter 2000, our staff is certified to teach in Maricopa County, Arizona.
  • Winter 2000, agreement with Gateway Community College to offer College Credit in PageMaker, PhotoShop and Illustrator.
  • Early 2001, we were able to offer 50% off of Ace Testing to our students, prospective trainers and trainers.
  • Early 2001, members of National Association of PhotoShop Professionals.
  • Early 2001, PhotoShop 6 book ships (Technical Editor, Sandra Burns, trainer at GlobalOrg, )
  • Early 2001, the first PhotoShop 6 Ace Certified Training Provider in the state of Arizona.
  • Summer 2001, renewed agreement with Gateway Community College to offer College Credit in PageMaker, PhotoShop andIllustrator.
    Summer 2001, Ace Certified in Adobe GoLive 5.
  • Late Summer 2001, invited to be an Adobe Off-Campus Reseller, now able to offer Education prices to qualified students/teachers.
  • October 19, 2001 we uploaded a community page where we give tribute and share our sponsorships of various groups and charities we have been involved with.
  • November 2001, expanded to the Anthem, Arizona area.
  • Spring 2002, added 6 new workshops.
  • May 23, 2002, signed agreement with Regus Business Centers to offer a choice of 100 locations nationwide for training
  • Summer 2002, signed Partner Agreement with Decision Focus.
  • Summer 2002, became a member of Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Fall 2002, we welcome another new trainer, Jay in Florida.
  • Winter 2002, we welcome another new trainer, Beverly in California
  • Jan. 2003, we welcome another new trainer, Cynthia in Colorado
  • We have added new Courses Outlines.
  • New Training Prices for 2003
  • Summer 2003, we welcome Josh in AZ, a Web/Database Programmer/Consltant.
  • Fall 2003, we welcome a new trainer, Debbi in Washington.
  • Early 2004, we welcome another new trainer, Mark in Arizona.
  • Spring 2004, we welcome a course developer, Sue in Arizona.
  • Fall 2004, expanded to Chicago area, adding Glenview, Oakbrook, O’hare and Schaumburg.
  • Winter 2004, removed books and software from the website to focus on training.
  • Summer 2006: University of San Diego has approved the courses coded on our course outline page with a course number, for those participants approved to register for college credit.
  • September 2006: Updated our locations to serve our clients in Milwaukee, WI., San Diego, CA. and Las Vegas, NV.
  • October 2006: Adobe MAX Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • November 2006: Al joined us from HP as a Business Development Manager, to develop new sales training.
  • December 2006: Course Outlines added for new Sales Training Series for Advance Outsourcing for 2007.
  • January 2007: we updated our website.
  • February 2007: Adobe Partner Summit in San Jose, CA.
  • April 2007: 5 Day TOP’s Sales Training in Lyon, France
  • May 2007: Soft launch Adobe CS 3 Product Training
  • Nov 2007: Became Adobe Software Affiliate so you can easily link to the Adobe site to purchase Adobe Software.
  • Dec 2007: Soft launch Acrobat Connect/Captivate products to use for online meetings.
  • Dec 2007: We welcome Gavin to the GlobalOrg Team of trainers. Gavin teaches the former Macromedia products of Adobe
  • March 2008: We welcome Carol to the GlobalOrg Team, her Fashion experience adds to her training in iIllustrator for Fashion Design.
  • Spring 2009: Sandra Burns produced Adobe PhotoShop CS4 DVD
  • Spring 2010: moved into City North Offices in Phoenix, Az. offering several sizes of conference rooms for training and local restaurants for lunch choices.
  • Spring/Summer 2010: Offered Adobe CS5 Training
  • Summer 2010: Added PhotoShop for Forensics and Cosmetic Surgery to our course outlines
  • Summer/Fall: Added Adobe News Feed, GlobalOrg News, History page to our website.
  • Fall 2010: Added ability to become a Registered user on our site.
  • Fall 2010: Added ability to Reserve/Purchase a Class online.
  • Winter 2010: Added FAQ, Tips and Tricks Section to our website, and a way for you to submit your own!
  • Winter 2010: Added Community/Charitable Organization involvement Section to our website
  • Summer 2011: New Website, updated courses.
  • Winter 2012: New Website, updated courses.
  • Summer 2013: New Website, updated courses.
  • Late 2013: Added a Membership site, updated courses.
  • 2014 rebuilt from the ground up a new Learning Managment Site, this!
  • 2016 added college courses including Arizona State University’s Education Technology tract.
  • Throughout our client list has continued to grow, quicker than we can update it. We want to thank our valued clients and students for their business.

Any more questions?

Video on History

Here, founder, Sandra Burns shares the story of how began with “The Entrepreneurs ‘N Fuego Radio Show!” Hosted by Francisco Xavier 

Furthermore, the Lecture Series was a contributory idea by ASU professor, Dr. J needing to convert her class and speakers to online. Sandra helped with that endeavor by offering as the platform and brought those lectures online.

To join a course or lesson plan go here. To create your Graphic, Training and Instructional Materials, see our eLearning packages here. We can then host your e-learning, here at Email us for a customized quote or have more questions!