What certifications are employers looking for?

2020 was a tough year with jobloss in the millions many due to COVID-19 related causes. would love to help those get back to work or take on new lines of work learned from this experience. We found what employers are looking for from this article in Indeed Career Guide. We welcome new agreements with […]

binding books bound colorful

New Courses coming!

We are so excited to announce a list of 142 new courses from 8 categories coming to We want to prioritize which to produce first and would love to hear your feedback so we know what to release first. At the end is a checklist to click on by category to help us. Thank […]


VIP Package

Authors, Coaches, Trainers, Educators, Coaches etc. Here is what you get in the VIP package with a full list of inclusions to get you started building your course. Total Package = $995 LIMITED TIME Offer $0 Upfront to build. 50/50 thereafter for maintenance, hosting, promotions, etc. So it’s FREE to get started, no risk offer.


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