Sandra Burns, M.Ed.


Educator | Instructional Designer | ASU Academic Associate | TA

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Sandra Burns, M.Ed.

Adobe Trainer, Graphic, Web, Instructional Designer, Author, Speaker

Adobe Certified Instructor | Adobe Community Expert | Adobe Training | Graphic Design | Web Design | Instructional Design | eLearning | Online Learning |  Conference Speaker |

Arlene Westphal, M.Ed.


MaryLouFulton Teachers College, ASU

Al Burns

COO ABCloud Consulting

30 Years IT Services Industry Experience, Al held director positions at Atos, HP, Digital, Xerox and Getronics.

Dr. Gary Bitter

Professor of Educational Technology, Senior Technology Advisor--Learning Sciences Institute (LSI) and Executive Director of Technology Based Learning & Research (TBLR) at Arizona State University.

Dr. Bitter received lifetime achievement awards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) as well as outstanding alumnus awards from Kansas State University and Emporia State University.

Tim Slade

Author, Speaker

I design amazing e-learning. E-Learning Manager for Technical Products at GoDaddy. 8+ years working to help others elevate their e-learning and visual communications content. Recognized/awarded within the e-learning industry multiple times for creative and innovative design aesthetics. Speaker at national e-learning conferences. Recognized Articulate Super Hero. Co-author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered book series.

Areej Mawasi, M.Ed.

Arizona State UniversityLearning, Literacies, and Technology, Graduate Student, Research Assistant, Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

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Mark Craig Itskowitch

Adobe Certified Instructor and Community Expert

Adobe Certified Instructor | Adobe Community Expert | Creative Director | Graphic Design | Motion Graphics | Video | Animation | eLearning | Multimedia | Adobe Training | Conference Speaker

Gary Lewallen, M.Ed.


MaryLouFulton Teachers College, ASU West

James Gee

Author, Speaker, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies

James Gee is a retired American researcher who has worked in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, bilingual education, and literacy.Wikipedia

Dr. Brendan Lake

Web Site Technician (IT) EdPlus at ASU Sky Song

Graduate Student, Educational Technology, Northern Arizona University

Sandra Burns, M.Ed.

Site Admin

As a former Application Engineer, Adobe Systems, Inc. I maintain the technical aspects of the site. I authored courses on Web Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI) My superpower is recognizing technology advancements and how we as mere mortals can benefit from them.

Larry Gruenwald

Larry Gruenwald earned a B.A. in Psychology from Ottawa university in Phoenix AZ with a 4.0 in all coursework. He was a Seminar Leader with Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc., in Boscobel, WI on the topic of personal finance, with debt elimination as his specialty. Larry is also trained in communication and Team Building with Landmark Education. His a Certified Business Coach with Eagle’s View Systems, Inc. and a member of CoachLab International, a Society of Professional Coaches. When he is not working, Larry likes to go scuba diving, snow skiing, and volunteers at his church.