Adobe Prime

Hello, I would like to share information on Adobe Prime, provided to me by Adobe’s Territory Account Manager, Phani Vellanki. You may reach him directly at: 408.536.1101 or email him at:

Here is the link to a recorded demo for Adobe captivate Prime along with the features description and benefits.

More information about Captivate Prime – LMS: 

Adobe Captivate Prime Demo – Feature Demo

Adobe Captivate Prime – Engaging Learner’s Experience

Adobe Captivate Prime – Quick Set-up

Adobe Captivate Prime – Business Objectives via Learning

Adobe Captivate Prime – Learning Culture in your Company

Adobe Captivate Prime – Webinar: Life is Complex 

What’s new in Adobe Captivate Prime July 2016 Update

Adobe Captivate Prime Help Documentation

Adobe Captivate Prime API related information

Free 30 day Trial: Please click here to register. Once you register, please refer the attached trial script for a step by step process to setup your trial account.

Sandra Burns, ASU Academic Associate,
Graphic, Web and Instructional Designer