CITING MEDIA (Applied to all lessons)


You will be adding various media (images, video, audio) to your projects this semester. Most of the media you will not own. If your media falls under Fair Use or Creative Commons (CC) then you will need to cite or reference where you retrieved the media. Cite your media the way the CC licenses says to.

Format: Use the format below to cite any media that you use that is NOT your property, and falls under Fair Use.

  • Images: [John F. Kennedy portrait] Retrieved 11/5/10 from
  • Video: [CBS Announces JFK’s Death] Youtube. Retrieved 11/5/10 from
  • Audio: [Ask not audio] Soundboard. Retrieved 11/5/10 from

NOTES: Your website does not come under Fair Use (because it is public), unless you are creating a website for an educational institution.You must cite who the media belongs to, and where applicable the permission you have been given.

  1. If the media that you are using belongs to you then make sure to cite that “All media (or identify which media) on this page belongs to the author of this website”.
  2. If the images on your site are owned by Weebly then you have permission to use them on your site. Simply cite that “All media (or identify which media) is owned by Weebly.”
  3. If you are given media with permission to use it, cite both “owned and permission given by …”
  4. For CC media that you are using add the CC license to the end of your citation, the way CC license says to. For example, “… is licensed under CC BY 3.0.”
    Note: Click here to view the CC licenses. Each one has their CC BY … and License Deed, which is where you find the number such as 3.0 for Attribution license (the rest are 4.0). There is also an image you may copy/save to use where needed.