IV. Plan Details: Example of other Basic Website Builders

By Brendan Lake

Besides the other examples of wordpress used as an LMS, here’s an example done in Weebly: Riverland Music Theory 101

Weebly is a site founded in 2006 to enable users to drag and drop website items like text, pictures, and links into premade templates.  This inflexible but simplistic method for creating sites enables users with no knowledge of web coding and design to create professional and organized sites in very little time.  With the help of integrated third-party apps, Weebly allows for such features as HD video and audio, slideshows, YouTube embedding, maps, polls (using PollDaddy), e-commerce and Google Apps.  Back-end analytics are also provided.  Competitors offering similar platforms include Wix, Squarespace, and Google Sites. 
I’ll now provide a walkthrough of a sample course I created using Weebly. To view the full site go to: http://openlms.weebly.com