James Gee: Principles on Gaming

“Gamification” is currently a hot topic in the instructional design discipline; a range of beliefs are driving the discussion and implementation of gaming and learning and a good deal of research remains to be done. Dr. James Gee, a professor at Arizona State University argues that good video games are designed to enhance learning through effective learning principles supported by research in the Learning Sciences.

Watch the video below, in it Dr. Gee discusses the principles of learning and then think about what Clark, Nguyen and Sweller would say about gaming and learning. Do the principles of gaming discussed by Gee reconcile with Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) or are they oppositional to them? What would a game look like if it was designed using a framework based in CLT, could it still be called a game? Would it be as effective? Contribute two to three paragraphs to start and then respond to the posting of your peers.

Coach “J”