Register for Lecture Series

Step 1Register at
Be sure to insert the security code into the field to the right of the numbers you were provided. This is your one-time security code (you do not need to save it, just enter it) This is for security reasons so I can make sure you are not a robot 😉
Security Code
Step 2: Go the Lecture Series at: and pick any 10 from the list to view under “Lessons” and click on one of the lessons/lectures.
Step 3: After viewing you can “optionally” “Mark Complete” for your own reference,
Mark Complete
but most important for your grade do Step 4: Make a question/comment about the lecture at the end of the lecture/lesson where it says “Questions” and click “Add Question”.
Once registered you should be logged in. You must be logged in to do Steps 3 and 4.
Step 5. To return to login for subsequent sessions you may do so in any of the following 3 ways:
1. Return to the same link you registered and fill in the fields to the right where it says login.
2. Click on the “Get Started” button on any of the sliders on the home page:
Get Started
3. Just go the upper right of the page and click “Sign In”
Step 6: Go To Course and click on the Lesson you wish to view.
Step 7: Once viewed, you can click on “Mark Complete”
Step 8: You can click the arrows to navigate to the next or previous lesson.
Step 9: You can click X to go to the main menu. There you will see,  the lesson you just viewed and Marked Complete grayed out. You will also see the status bar filled orange indicating number of lessons viewed.