Storyline 2: Creating Your First Slide

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add basic content to your slides and practice using some of the common features you’ll work with in Storyline 2, including some of those you’ll find on the Insert tab.

Watch the video first, then follow the steps below to practice. Download these practice files to follow along.

Practice Activity

In this activity, we’ll build a slide like the one you see below by adding some text, pictures, shapes, and a character.

Let’s start by adding a background image, formatting the slide background color, and adding a title.

  1. Insert a new slide and select the blank slide layout from the Basic Layouts tab.
  2. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Add a picture to the slide. Use City-43.png from your Assets folder.
  3. Size and position the picture the way you want it.
  4. Right-click on the slide and choose Format Background. Then use the Eyedropper tool to select a dark color from the photograph as the fill color.
  5. Insert a text box to add a title: Sales Training.
  6. Use the Format tab to update the formatting of your title text.

We’ll assume that this is the starting screen of a course with five sections.

  1. Insert a rectangle shape and use the Format tab to turn off the outline, and set the Shape Fill color by selecting another color from the picture using the Eyedropper tool.
  2. Size and position the rectangle to fit on the left-hand side of the slide.
  3. Duplicate this rectangle so you have a shape for each of the five sections and then use the alignment tools to distribute them vertically.
  4. Add some text to each shape: Customer Service, Sales Technique, Self Promotion, Market Research, Communications.

Next, we’ll add a semi-transparent shape to tone down the background image a little bit and add a photographic character.

  1. Insert another rectangle shape and format it to remove the shape outline.
  2. Click the Shape Fill drop-down and use the Eyedropper tool to select the same fill color you used for the existing rectangles.
  3. Right-click on this shape and choose Format Shape… to adjust the Transparency setting to 40%.
  4. Size and position this shape so it covers the background image.
  5. Insert a photographic character.

Review the timeline and add titles to the objects on the timeline so that they’re easy to identify.

In building this simple slide you’ve learned how to insert and edit some basic types of content, including text, images, shapes, and characters.

In the next tutorial, you’ll learn to use the timeline to sync animations to the audio.