Technology Literacy Problem Solving

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to EDT 180B Tech Literacy Problem Solving Using Digital Technology Applications! My name is Gary Lewallen. I am a full-time Lecturer in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. I look forward to teaching and learning with you this semester!

With such a long course name what can you expect? You can expect that you will learn new uses and more efficient ways to use the common software with which you are already familiar and new programs you likely have never heard of before. All these tools along with new knowledge about security, privacy, ethical uses, and more, will take you to the next level in applying technology as a student and a developing professional in your field and well as in your personal life. I think you are going to be pleased with what you learned in the course just as the very large majority of students that have gone before you.

The Blackboard site is now available. I encourage you to follow the link to the course in your list of courses in MyASU.  Look over the syllabus and assignments in the Module 1 folder in the Content section. Some we will complete in class and others during the week leading up to our second class meeting.

Please note that I am adapting this course shell from another set up for spring semester. The due dates are right in Module 1 on the assignments but those from Module 2 onward need to be corrected. I’ll be updating those soon. See you on online!

Best regards,
Mr. Gary Lewallen