Module 1: Intro to Course by Gary Lewallen

View this screencast video that includes directions for how to complete this module.


   Except as noted, the assignments below are due by (date).

  • Introductory Form
  • Release Form
  • Course Syllabus Scavenger Hunt Quiz
  • Personal Introduction Post & Reply on the Discussion Board
  • Reading #1 Discussion 
  •  Goals and Objectives
      Positive Thinking
      Daily Tech Tip
     22 Random Acts of Kindness Hold “ctrl” (PC) or command (Mac) and use the mouse wheel or +/- keys to resize an entire web page.
  • Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence.


  •  The course is divided into Learning Modules. There are approximately 15 Learning Modules. I am asking you to please stay on pace with the class. I will launch each module individually. Each module will last approximately one or two weeks. I will stay in communication with you regarding what is due and what you should be working on each week. I communicate by posting announcements in Blackboard. You will receive an email in your ASU inbox. I encourage you to check your ASU email daily.
    • Project
    • Knowledge check
    • Research
    • Presentation
    • Readings/Discussions

    Each portion is worth a number of points and I will identify the point values as we go. It is vital that you keep up with your work in this course.  There will be a 10% reduction each day an assignment is late for any reason. Late work is not accepted after two days. (See the syllabus for more detail.)
    **Modules open Monday at 12:00am and end the following Sunday at 11:59pm unless otherwise noted**

  • Within each Module, you will have a combination of assignments that may include the following:


  •  Technologies created and used by Microsoft in Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge make it more powerful in connecting with a Windows computer. Unfortunately those same technologies make Internet Explorer more vulnerable to security attacks. As a general rule, I recommend that you avoid using Internet Explorer or MS Edge and use IE when it is required. (So far, no website or service we use in this class has required IE.) While no browser is 100% safe all the time, I recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera as safer alternatives.


  •  Please complete the following two items:
    1. Read How to Get a Job at Google.
    2. Review and become familiar with the course expectations listed in the SYLLABUS located in the navigation bar on the left side. There will be a scavenger hunt on portions of the syllabus at the end of the Module. Click the COURSE INFORMATION link on the navigation bar to access the syllabus.


  • Availability:
  • Item is no longer available. It was last available on Jan 18, 2017 11:59 PM.
  •    Please use the syllabus, Blackboard site, and Google article from above to complete the course scavenger hunt quiz.  On this particular quiz,my main interest is that you read the syllabus and the items in this folder to understand the course policies and expectations. Therefore, you are allowed to take this quiz up to three times, and the highest score will be recorded. (No other quiz will work like this.) THIS QUIZ WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. THE LINK DISAPPEARS AT 11:59 pm on SUNDAY January 15. Since there was one new registrant to the course on Sunday, I am reopening this link until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, January 18 BUT it is now password protected so that single student may access this.

IMPORTANT – Watch this BEFORE accessing the forms linked below

  • Enabled:
  • Statistics Tracking
  • There is a common issue many students experience when attempting to access Google Forms throughout this course. Watch this short (3:51) video explaining the problem and a solution.


  •   Please take a few moments to complete this Introductory FormPLEASE NOTE: This, and every Google form used in this course, is NOT connected to the gradebook in Blackboard. Your Google form submissions will be graded and posted in Blackboard manually.
  •   Please take a few moments to complete this release form.
  • Peer Introductions
  •  Please start a new thread and tell us something about yourself such as your major, job, hobbies, favorite place to vacation, some unusual likes or dislikes, of course as long as it is appropriate to share. Then read someone else’s posting and respond to them. Check your own thread again and respond to any new postings. Both posts, your intro and your response to at least one other person, are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday,January 15.
  • Reading #1: Multitasking
  •  Reading Assignment #1 has three parts and is worth 20 points:

    Part 1: One thing I have seen increase dramatically over time is the use of both lab and laptop computers as well as phones and other electronic devices to “multi-task.” The links below are to articles summarizing some recent research done at Stanford University and elsewhere.
    Part 2: On the Discussion Board in the Reading #1 forum CREATE A THREAD (you may name it whatever you wish) then write a paragraph addressing your experiences with multi-tasking and perhaps observations about others’ multitasking. Also, specifically address and take a position for or against this proposition: students should be banned from multi-tasking in classrooms in a manner that can be seen or heard by other students in the classroom. This is due prior to 11:59 PM Sunday January 15.
    Part 3: Prior to 11:59 PM Sunday January 15, read several of the postings your classmates wrote and respond to at least one person to meet the assignment requirement but you may respond to as many as you wish or have the time to write.
    Important Notes:

    • Spelling and grammar count! I am not that picky if one or two small errors sneak through; I do that occasionally myself. However, if your writing is marginal or worse, I may ask you to do the assignment over.
    • Likewise, if your writing is so brief and/or so general that it makes me wonder if you read the article, I may well ask you to do the assignment over too. A good general guideline is that each paragraph should be between 100 and 175 thoughtfully chosen words. (Including this sentence, the length of these bulleted notes so far is 101 words. In total, these bulleted notes are just over 241 words.) I’m looking for quality over quantity.
    • When you first enter the forum you will not see anyone’s postings, you have to post your own first before seeing what others have written.
    • The forum settings do not allow to edit your posting once submitted. If you make a mistake you want to correct, create a new posting.
    • DO NOT send me your work as an attachment. You are welcome, even encouraged, to compose your writing in a word processor in order to better catch spelling and grammar errors and then COPY and PASTE the text into a discussion board post and then submit it.
    • Also, please DO NOT send me follow up email to see if I graded your assignment. When graded a score will replace the yellow/greenish exclamation point icon in MyGrades for the assignment. If you see a blue icon it means you did not reply to a classmate’s post and that is a 6 point deduction.


  •  Helpful reminders:
    1. Check your grades weekly. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    2. Technology Lab in Payne 213  – Just a reminder that you can go get technology help in Payne 213 on the Tempe campus or communicate with them electronically. You can also check out equipment, practice with Smartboards, work on group projects, and get help on assignments.
    3. ASU Counseling Service is available to help you with anything you might need – no matter how small or large (notations of counseling are not part of your university record)
    4. ASU Ethics and Compliance Hotline – The purpose of the hotline is to promote a safe, secure and ethical environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University