Module 12 – Mobile apps

  • INTRODUCTION TO MODULE 12 (formerly 11)
  •   Click here to view a screencast video that includes directions for how to complete this module.
  • DUE DATES FOR MODULE 12 (formerly 11)
  •   The assignments below are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 9.

    • Mobile App Review project
    • Mobile App Review Weebly portfolio page
  •  Goals and Objectives
    • Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence
    • Locate, open, and use the following software applications at an intermediate level: e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, web page development, internet search strategies, and BlackBoard course management system
    • Create and share Google-based documents
      Positive Thinking
      Daily Tech Tip
    I’m So Grateful For You

    Windows tip: Take a whole desktop screenshot by pressing the PrintScreen key usually located in the top right section of the keyboard. To copy just the active window, hold down ALT and press PrintScreen. To place the screenshot, open any program capable of accepting graphics such as PowerPoint or Word, and then paste the screenshot using CTRL+V.

    Mac tip: You can take a screenshot by hitting command + shift + 4 to capture the whole screen or command + shift + 3 to drag a selection box around whatever part of the screen you wish to capture. Your screenshot will appear as a new image file on your desktop which you can use like any other image file.

  • Attached Files:
  •  This assignment consists of TWO PARTS:
    1. Review of two mobile apps and 
    2. Creating your own app (conceptually). You will create a GOOGLE Presentation (not PowerPoint, Keynote, or Open Office – it must be Google Presentation) to present the information for both parts below. Be sure to share the Google Presentation with your AA, Jinnette Sencal, Chris Shhehan, Paul Skiera, Kyle Wright, or Gary Lewallen and change the sharing access to Anyone with the link can view the presentation.

     Click here to see a screencast that will show you how to create your Google Presentation.

    Part 1: In your FIRST Google Presentation, r eview two mobile apps   (for any device) that are related to your current major or future career. Please try to stay consistent with the theme of your projects up to this point.  Please choose non-mainstream apps (we all know already about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Pandora, etc).  For each app, you will respond to the following questions (in your Google Presentation):

    1. What is the main focus of the APP, i.e. what need does it address?
    2. How do you characterize the APP, i.e. educational, game like, informative, practical, etc.?
    3. How is the APP relevant to your area?
    4. What is the target audience of the APP?
    5. What stands out about the design of the APP?
    6. What stands out about the content of the APP?
    7. How innovative is the APP?
    8. How easy is the APP to navigate and use? Provide screen shots and user reviews to support your claim.
    9. If you were to alter one or more of the characteristics of the APP, how would you modify the APP?
    10. Is the APP free or is there a fee for using it?
    11. How popular is the APP?
    1. What is the main focus of your app, i.e. what need does it address?
    2. How do you characterize your app, i.e. educational, game like, informative, practical, etc.?
    3. How is the app relevant to your area?
    4. Are there any apps that are similar to your app? If so, how is your app different?
    5. What is the target audience of your APP?
    6. Would you charge for your app or would it be free to users?
  • Part 2: In your SECOND Google Presentation, design your own app to be used in your current major or future career. You will want to think of an app idea that could potentially be used by other people in your field.  Please try to stay consistent with the theme of your projects up to this point. In the Google Presentation, identify the details of your app by addressing the following items:
  • My Mobile App Review Example
  •   For this module, you will be creating your Mobile App Review page.
    1. Click here to see my model portfolio/website
    2. Click here to go to
    3. PLEASE NOTE: I am crossing my fingers that a problem we had last semester does not repeat this semester. We never did figure out what the issue was because it was subtle and inconsistent. Just a handful of people, including me, would embed the Mobile App Review in the portfolio, publish it, and then the presentation would very briefly flash on the published page and then disappear. Nearly all the time the issue was in Firefox. If it happens to you, I would suggest adding a button on your page and linking that to your Mobile App Review Presentation in Google Drive. Then most people will see both the presentation and the button and those with the problem will still see the button and can still open your presentation.
    4. In this module, you will be creating the Mobile App Review page in your portfolio.
      •  Click here to watch a screencast video that will show you how to create your Mobile App Review page.
    5. You do NOT need to submit your portfolio URL again. I already have the URL.
  •  Helpful reminders:
    1. Check your grades weekly. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    2. Technology Lab in Payne 213  – Just a reminder that you can go get technology help in Payne 213 on the Tempe campus or communicate with them electronically. You can also check out equipment, practice with Smartboards, work on group projects, and get help on assignments.
    3. ASU Counseling Service is available to help you with anything you might need – no matter how small or large (notations of counseling are not part of your university record)
    4. ASU Ethics and Compliance Hotline – The purpose of the hotline is to promote a safe, secure and ethical environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University