Module 6 – Word Processing

  • INTRODUCTION TO MODULE 6 (formerly 5)
  •   Click here to view a screencast video that includes directions for how to complete this module.
  • DUE DATES FOR MODULE 6 (formerly 5)
  •   The assignments below are due by (date)

    • Word Exercises 1 through 4
    • Cover Letter Project
    • Add Cover Letter Page to Weebly portfolio
  •  Goals and Objectives
    1. Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence
    2. Locate, open, and use the following software applications at an intermediate level: e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, web page development, internet search strategies, and BlackBoard course management system
    3. Navigate and research the World Wide Web for information, assess and document the validity and reliability of the information gathered
      Positive Thinking
      Daily Tech Tip
     Simple Acts of Kindness

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  • [SCREENCAST] Word Introduction and Exercise 1
  • Watch this screencast before attempting to complete Word Exercise 1.This screencast is jam packed with features and tips that will make you much more efficient in your writing going way beyond what you need to know to complete the Cover Letter project. 
  •  Here is what I know still holds true today about students’ general level of knowledge about word processing: the large majority of you have been taught by teachers who have never been thoroughly trained in the use of technology. Most of them grew up using typewriters or were taught themselves by former typewriting teachers. As a result, unbeknownst to the large majority of students, they have gaps in their technical knowledge and in particular about word processing. Some very powerful tools are right there at thier fingertips but they are ignored as visual “noise.”  Those of you that know about most of these things already are the exceptions and not the rule; do not assume your moderate to high level of knowledge is common knowledge. You were fortunate to have the teachers you had.
  • [Screencast] Word Exercise 2: Tables
  • [Screencast] Word Exercise 3: Columns, Margins, Find & Replace, and Line Spacing
  • [Sreencast] Word Exercise 4: Word Exercise 4: Embellishments, Symbols, Headers & Footers, Page Breaks, Proofing, and more.
  • Attached Files:
  •  For this project, you will use Microsoft Word to create a cover letter for a job that is in your field. The job should be a current opening that you could apply for now or one in which you could apply for upon graduation. Your cover letter should be written in ONE document and be no more than 2 pages in length. The document should include all the components listed in the scoring guide. 
    1. If you choose a job that you would like to apply now or in the near future, then include the skills, education, etc. that you currently have. 
    2. If you choose a job that you would like to apply for upon graduation, then you can include the skills, education, etc. that you feel that you need in order to be successful for that position. 

    Follow these steps:

    1. View the Cover Letter Rubric (attached above)  to ensure that you meet all of the requirements.
    2. Find an online job posting for a job that is aligned to your current or future skills. (see Places to Search for Job Postings below)
    3. Read How to be interesting in a Cover Letter
    4. Read What is a cover letter? and How to format and organize your cover letter to help you understand what to include and how to correctly format your cover letter.
    5. Write your cover letter. You are welcome to do a web search for different styles* of cover letters and résumés. You can also use the templates*that are built into Microsoft Word. Click here to view different cover letter examples by type of job.
    6. Submit final cover letter below.
  • Options:
  • Here is a small list of places you can look for job openings. You are welcome to find job postings at different sites but remember that you will need to include a link to the job posting.

    Click here to view different cover letter examples by type of job.

  •  Click below to view tutorials for Office 365 Word

    Disclaimer: You may also need to use Google or other search engine to help you with some of the features. This is a good opportunity to practice your Internet searching skills. 

  •   For this module, you will be creating your COVER LETTER page.
    1. Click here to see my model portfolio/website NOTE: Your portfolio will eventually look something like this but not at this early stage. Keep following the steps in the screencasts and you will eventually end up in the right place.
    2. Click here to go to
    3. In this module, you will be creating the COVER LETTER page in your portfolio.
      •  Click here to watch a screencast video that will show you how to create your COVER LETTER page.
    4. You do NOT need to submit your portfolio URL again. I already have the URL.
  •  Helpful reminders:
    1. Check your grades weekly. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    2. Technology Lab in Payne 213  – Just a reminder that you can go get technology help in Payne 213 on the Tempe campus or communicate with them electronically. You can also check out equipment, practice with Smartboards, work on group projects, and get help on assignments.
    3. ASU Counseling Service is available to help you with anything you might need – no matter how small or large (notations of counseling are not part of your university record)
    4. ASU Ethics and Compliance Hotline – The purpose of the hotline is to promote a safe, secure and ethical environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University