App Development

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     ItemREQUIRED CLASS: SmartBoard practice – meet in Lab

    (date) – (location) – Half the Class: Smartboard Practice Activity. The activity will be saved by the Lab Staff, and will be used for attendance. You will be responsible for using what you learned when you present your website the last week of class. Students with Last Names A – H will attend on April 5th

    (date) – (location) – Half the Class: Smartboard Practice Activity. The activity will be saved by the Lab Staff, and will be used for attendance. You will be responsible for using what you learned when you present your website the last week of class. Students with Last Names M – Z will attend on April 12th.

    ItemATTENDANCE REQUIRED (date) – In class

    Submit attendance in the  Attendance Form, for mandatory class on 3/29.  If you come in and the attendance is closed, then please email me to let me know you were in class.

    Submit attendance for March 27th and 31st if you are required to attend class due to late work, overall grade below a C (73%), or received below a grade of C for the previous module’s submission. Failure to attend class, if you are required to, may result in losing the opportunity to submit late work for credit.

    This was an activity which was not being graded for the quality, but just that you attended class to work on it, whether you completed it or not. Everyone who attended class received the 2 points credit.

    WE ARE DONE WITH THIS FOR THIS CLASS – NO MORE SUBMISSIONS. If you did not attend class on 3/29, just move on to the App Prototype project.

    The written steps for what we did in class are contained in this folder, along with 2 videos that demonstrate the tasks. The instructions are written within the Assignment link where the notes would have been submitted. You are welcome to copy them for your learning at another time.

    ItemModule Screencasts

    Please watch the following screencast videos. AFTER viewing the videos, you can determine which La[B]rid option you will follow for this module. If you do not view these videos, you are required to attend class on Wednesday, although this week it is required for all to attend.
    1. Module introduction (7 min.)
    2. Screencast Tutorials

    3. Illustrio Tutorial (2 min)
    4. Submitting your project (3 min)
    5. General Weebly Tips (14 min.)

    Be sure to check the Meeting Schedule (left navigation) to see when our next one-on-one meeting is scheduled. See How to retrieve your meeting log (from Google Drive).


     Goals and Objectives
    • Describe key terms and concepts associated with computers and software applications
    • Discuss the theoretical background and practical application of a variety of software programs
    • Analyze a variety of problems, select the appropriate software application to solve problems, and use software programs to find and/or present solutions
    • Analyze and discuss social and ethical issues related to the increased use of technology in education, business, and society


    The assignments below (Activity #2) are due by the end of the day on 4/9. Note: this project has been allowed 2 weeks for completion.

    • Mobile App prototype submitted to Blackboard
    • Mobile App prototype added to your website


    Learning to code in school is becoming increasingly popular. There are millions of jobs that will go unfilled because there are not enough people who can program. In this activity, you aren’t going to learn to code/program. However, you are going to develop a prototype of an app that fits with the theme of your website. I know that this might be an intimidating topic for you so try to keep it simple.

    1. Start by reading through these three short articles to get an idea of the benefits that come along with working at a successful technology company, specifically, Google.
    2. Watch Code Stars to get an introduction to why programming is so important in today’s world.
    3. Think of an idea for your mobile app prototype. What sort of app could you develop that would help benefit your website (business, organization, informational site, educational site)? Some app ideas include:
      • Business site: your app could offer costumers a way to order a product, submit information, or use your product
      • Organization: your app could give your visitors information about your organization, a way to donate time or money, or other resources
      • Informational site: your app could give visitors more information on the topic your site is about, a way to submit photos or stories about the topic of your site, or how to find more information on the topic
      • Educational site: your app could include more information on the topic, a study guide, a game that helps visitors learn about your topic, etc.
    4. Take a look at this sample for Comfy Dog Days. [Sample is no longer accessible, but a demonstration can be found in the module screen casts.]
    5. We are going to use software for this project. You are going to create a mobile app prototype that fits with the theme of your website. Be sure to watch the screencasts below to see how to create the prototype.
      1. Read Steps to apply a coupon code to your account to view directions for how to create your account.
      2. Go to to sign up for an account.
      3. In Step #5 of the directions, enter this COUPON CODE: ASU-Freelancer-2m-SEP16
      4. You now have a one month subscription to use Proto.i
    6. Screencast Tutorials
      1. Introduction to
      2. Creating a Tabbar (document)
      3. Project Templates
      4. Editor’s Interface
      5. Additional Beginner’s tutorials
    7. View Scoring Guide.
    8. Create your mobile app prototype. It is IMPORTANT that you get someone to test out your prototype before submitting. Having someone or multiple people test your prototype will ensure that all of the links and interactions work.
    9. MOBILE APP ICON: Create an app icon (using photo editing) or find one that fits the theme of your app prototype using Illustrio. This app icon will be placed in your site so that you can link to your app prototype.
      1. Watch this video to see How to Use Illustrio.
    10. When you are finished, publish your app prototype and copy the live link. You will submit a LINK to your app prototype into Blackboard for grading.
    11. Add the app icon to your website and then link to it on a page of your website.

    Here are a few high quality examples of projects that were previously completed for this module: (*note: this is the first time using the software so there are no other examples other than the one that expired below.)

    • Comfy Dog Days [A demonstration can be found in the module screen casts, which shows the use of previous course projects in this app prototype.]


    One way to get started is to think about or map out the content you want on your 5 screens. Then, gather any media you might want to add (which may be your previous projects), and citations. Also gather any external URL/s or email you want to link to.
    TIP: The sample that is demonstrated in the module screen casts uses items created from other projects, which is perfectly fine. It is easier than creating new items.

    AssignmentMODULE 10: Learning Activity #2 Mobile App Prototype

    Attached Files:

    Click the MODULE 10: Learning Activity #2 Mobile App Prototype link, to submit the link to your App Prototype in the Write Submission area.

    After submitting your app prototype LINK in Blackboard, be sure to add it to a page on your website.


    Below is a list that includes information that will help you learn to program mobile apps: