Design Principles & Tech Literacy

  • Goals and Objectives

    • (TBA)


The following are due by the end of this module:

  1. Tech Literacy and Safety
    1. Quiz – Tech Lit and History and Terminology
    2. Quiz – Safer Computing Practices
  2. CRAP Principles Notes – in Word
  3. PowerPoint Presenation on M4 topics
 ItemReading(s) and Website(s)

ItemM4.1 Assignment – Tech Literacy


  1. Shortens URL’sfor use: or
    • Use Google Doc to tryout [Form, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc.]
  2. Google site for searching:
    • Let me Google that for you
  3. An App for searching Google Search

Tech Literacy and Safety

  1. READ the attached PDF on Tech Lit History and Terminology, paying particular attention to the written notes (click the Comment icon in the top left corner of the slides that have notes).
  2. READ the attached PDF on Safer Computing Practices, including the comments–click the Comment icon in the top left corner of the slides that have notes.

NOTE: Information from these PDF presentations will be on the M4.1 Tech Lit and Terminology Quiz and M4.1 Safer Computing Practices Quiz.

If your version of Acrobat Reader does not support the comments on the PDF files, then access the presentations on Google Slides: Tech Lit History & Terminology and Safer Computing Practices (YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR ASU GOOGLE DOCS ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO HAVE PERMISSIONS TO VIEW IT).

ItemM4.2 Assignment – Design Principles

You will be taking notes on these resources, so read the assignment first.

 ItemSelf-Check Activity

Use this document as you build your website throughout the semester.

Support Information – Create a Website

  • Includes information for Citing Media

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