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  • ItemModule Screencasts

     Please watch the following screencast videos. After viewing the videos, you can determine which La[B]rid option you will follow for this module.

    1. Module introduction (3 min.)
    2. Completing the module project (10 min.)
    3. Submitting your project (5 min.)
    4. General Weebly Tips (14 min.)

    Note: Videos do not include Module 8 requirement for taking notes about CRAP principles. See Learning Activity #2 and Assignment link.

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    Goals and Objectives

    • Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence
    • Create a Google-based personal web site with all of the key ingredients
    • Create and share Google-based documents
    • Be familiar with a majority of Google based applications.
    • Locate, open, and use the following software applications at an intermediate level: e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, web page development, internet search strategies, and BlackBoard course management system


     The assignments below are due by the end of the day on:

    • Google Form LIVE URL submitted to Blackboard (4.5 points)
    • Google LIVE Form added to your website (.5 point)
    • Notes about CRAP Principles submitted to Blackboard (1 point)

     ItemSelf-Check Activity

    Use this document as you build your website throughout the semester.

    Support Information – Create a Website

    • Includes information for Citing Media


    Attached Files:

    Google Forms is a useful tool to help you plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. A Google form can be connected to a Google spreadsheet. If a spreadsheet is linked to the form, responses will automatically be sent to the spreadsheet. Otherwise, users can view them on the “Summary of Responses” page accessible from the Responses menu.

    1. Read through the Google Forms Scoring Guide.
    2. Watch Using Forms in Google Drive video to get an overview of Google Forms.
    3. You are going to create a Google Form that ties into the theme of your website. There are many different options for why you would create a Google Form. For businesses, you might create a Google Form to get information from your prospective customers. If you have an educational site, you might use a Google Form as a homework submission or to have students do reflections. For informational sites, you might survey visitors to your site to get their feedback on the content of your site.
    4. Examples of how you might use Google Forms [See Bonus Activity #2 for Taking Notes (1 point)]
    5. Click here to watch a screencast that will show you how to create a Google Form. Here is a reference document that can help you as well.
    6. Your Google Form must include:
      • There must be a title and a brief description.
      • The form must contain at least five questions, each being of a different question type.
      • You must also apply a theme to your form.
    7. Make sure to rename your document and that you give a meaningful name related to your form, like “A Survey on Dorm Life”, names like “My First Form” are not acceptable.
    8. When you are finished:
      • Submit the URL into the Blackboard assignment link below.
      • Add the LIVE GOOGLE FORM to the appropriate page of your website.

    If at all possible, administer your Google Form to 5 or more participants within the next couple of weeks. The plan is to use the data for another activity.

    AssignmentM7.1 Learning Activity #1 GOOGLE FORM

    Click the MODULE 8: GOOGLE FORM link, to submit the link to your LIVE Google Form project in the Write Submission area.

    After submitting your Google Form project in Blackboard, be sure to add the Live form to a page on your website.


    Here are a few high quality examples of projects that were previously completed for this module:

    As always, you can click here to see a full list of websites from previous semesters.

  • Content FolderM7.1 Excel – 2

  • ItemM7.3 Class Activity – Peer Review Website

    This activity will be done in class, with a partner. Your instructor will guide the class through each criteria of the attached Website Peer Review #1 criteria list.

    Preparation for peer review:

    1. Open your Meeting Log to the THINKSHARE section below the one-on-one meetings. This is where you will take notes when your partner reviews your website with you. [note: I left an “S” out of THINKSHARE that you should fix.]
    2. Open your website.
    3. Read the attached Website Peer Review #1 criteria list. Consider your own website as you are reading one criteria at a time.

    Peer Review:

    1. Show your website to your partner, one criteria at a time.
    2. Ask your partner for feedback and suggestions. Ask specific questions you want to know, and allow them to share their perceptions. This is a two-way conversation about your site.
    3. Repeat this process for your partner’s website.

    Access the class’ Website & Planning Map Links, if needed for convenience.