• Module Screencasts
  •  Please watch the following screencast videos. After viewing the videos, you can determine which La[B]rid option you will follow for this module.
    1. Module introduction (3 min.) Disregard references to SnagIt and 2-3 minutes video. You will use the free version Jing, also by TechSmith – or another tool of your choosing. Your video should be 4-5 minutes in length.
    2. General Weebly Tip (14 min.)
  • Goals and Objectives
    • Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence
    • Describe key terms and concepts associated with computers and software applications
    • Demonstrate electronic information management habits (e.g. backing up files, organizing files in a logical fashion, transferring files to various storage areas, etc.)
  •  The assignments below are due by the end of the day on 4/23.
    • Screencasting project
    • Embed screencast video into your website


  • YOU WILL NEED TO USE JING – FREE TOOL, instead of SnagIt (if you read this module already and saw SnagIt). Jing is a TechSmith product, just like SnagIt is a TechSmith product, except SnagIt licenses cost. For this project, you are going to create a SCREENCAST video about your website – about 4 – 5 minutes in length. It cannot go over 5 minutes using free Jing software. The screencast video could be an overall presentation of your site, explaining to viewers how to navigate the different pages. OR, the screencast video could be a “how to” video for completing a specific piece of your site. You decide.
    1. View Screencasting Explained video.

    2. Read through the Screencasting Scoring Guide

    3.    View the screencast How to create a screencast video (6:11) to learn how to download and install Jing on your computer, how to create a screencast video, and how to upload the finished product to
      • [You may also complete this module in the EdTechLab in Payne 213. They have Jing installed on their computers.]
      • [You may use a different software that you already have installed on your computer, or another option listed below. In this case, you will need to upload your video to YouTube.]
      • How to upload a video to YouTube will show you a detailed demonstration.
    4. Create your screencast video. [The EdTech Lab in Payne 213 has headphones you may borrow, if you need them to create your screencast.]
    5. Embed video on your website.   View the screencast How to embed screencasts/screenshots into your Weebly portfolio (3:48) to learn how to add your screencast to your Website.

      • Disregard references to screenshot. You are not required to produce a screenshot.

    6. Submit your finished screencast video project (URL) into the Blackboard assignment below AND provide the URL where your screencast is embeded to a page on your website. Screencast: How to add to Weebly.

    Other options for screencast software., and if you are using a MAC the software is already on your computer 🙂

    • DO NOT UPLOAD A VIDEO FILE.  If you use another software than Jing, upload to YouTube.
  • Overview: You may experience (or already have experienced) a time when a friend, family member, coworker, etc asks you how to do something on the computer. Often times there is an easy solution. However, other times may require that you give the person step-by-step directions on how to do the task. Instead of writing them out, a visual representation might be more appropriate and is often more effective.
  •   Here are a few high quality examples of projects that were previously completed for this module:

    As always, you can click here to see a full list of websites from previous semesters.

  • Add your screencast to a page on your website (embed), before you submit to Blackboard – and copy the URL of the page where it is located on your website.



    SCREENCAST video is about 4-5 minutes in length


    SCREENCAST video

    • demonstrates an overview and how to navigate the different pages of your website. OR, the screencast video is a “how to” video for completing a specific piece of your site.
    • includes audio instructions by the video creator, and
    • is uploaded to, and the link supplied to the assignment.


    Topic was related to your website, and embedded on your website. Screencast link and website URL both provided to Blackboard. 

    Points deducted



  • Submit 1) the link of your screencast, and 2) please provide the URL for the page on your website where your screencast is embeded, both in the Write Submission area. [Or, YouTube link, if you created your video using another software and uploaded to YouTube.]
  • Positive Thinking and Daily Tech Tip
  •  Telling People They’re Beautiful
  •  15 Amazing Hidden Features of Google Search
  • Self-Check Activity
  • Use this document as you build your website throughout the semester.
    • Includes information for Citing Media
  • Support Information – Create a Website
  •  Helpful reminders:
    1. Check your grades weekly. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    2. Bring headphones to each class.
    3. Technology Lab in Payne 213 – Just a reminder that you can go get technology help in Payne 213. You can also check out equipment, practice with Smartboards, work on group projects, and get help on assignments.
    4. Problems with the Internet? View the Systems Health website to check on campus outages.
    5. ASU Counseling Service is available to help you with anything you might need – no matter how small or large (notations of counseling are not part of your university record)
    6. ASU Ethics and Compliance Hotline – The purpose of the hotline is to promote a safe, secure and ethical environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University
  • Module Screencasts
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  • IF USE SNAGIT for this assignment.

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  •  Please watch the following screencast videos. After viewing the videos, you can determine which La[B]rid option you will follow for this module.