TIPS for Online Communication

  1. Remember you are dealing with a person – Email, chat rooms, and discussion boards can hide this important fact.
  2. Behave in the virtual world as you would in the real world – be courteous and friendly, yet professional in your interactions.
  3. Forgive – Assume others in your class mean the best and that slip-ups and misinterpretations of your brilliance are accidental.
  4. Share – Give back to the class. Give you experiences, your learning, and your opinions (when relevant). You do have to add value.
  5. Communicate – Write and speak clearly and concisely. Say what you mean and then stop. Those who are not primarily speakers of the language in which the class is held will appreciate it.
  6. Pause before clicking the Send button – Make sure you review your posting once, maybe twice before sending.
  7. Don’t be too casual – Stay away from slang, and check your spelling.
  8. Keep your comments short and on topic – Keep your comments within the designated length for that particular discussion forum.
  9. Sign your name to a message thread – Always sign your name at the bottom of a message.
  10. Reset the subject line when you change topics – This keeps everyone form becoming confused about what you’re talking about.