Website Presentations

  • Last Week of Classes (Date): EVERYONE WILL ATTEND ALL CLASSES THE LAST WEEK. We will have one person present at a time, so everyone gets to see everyone’s website. Access the Website Presentations Sign-ups: last week of classes, to sign up for a day and time you want to present during class.An unexcused absence will result in a 10% deduction of Final Website Evaluation points for each day not present.
  • A sign-in sheet will be available when you come in. It is your responsibility to sign in.
  • Your website will not be graded until you submit your link and self-evaluation into the Blackboard assignment for Module 13 – due last day of classes on (Date).
  • EVERYONE Be Ready to Present (date) if you have not signed up to present.
  • Not everyone has signed up to present their website on the last week of classes. Therefore, whoever has not signed up for a day to present, please be ready to present on (Date).Website Presentation Sign-up: last week of classes link
  • Your names will be written on popsicle sticks that will be randomly chosen from, to present on (date).
  • You may schedule an appointment to meet with me before or after class on (date)
    • Appointments will be held in the (location).
  • Please Complete COURSE EVALUATION from ASU – Open from (date) @ (time)
  • Your anonymous feedback is very much appreciated when you complete the COURSE EVALUATIONS that ASU sends, which for this class is coming from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC). It helps improve the course and helps MLFTC how to best serve students. Terminology that is used in the College of Education can be confusing…especially in a project based course such as this one.TIME ON TASK-  This basically is asking you if you are spending your time per week on meaningful projects. This course is set up with the NETS (National Education Technology Standards for Students. With that said, each week has a list of learning objectives with a project that are to be completed for a student to be successful in the workplace.  Each project also includes ciritical thinking, problem solving and creativity.
    • Attendance form: 1) column for how to make the learning environment better (where you could ask for more challenging work, or other additions/changes), 2) anything I need to go over, or missed (clarifications)
    • Scoring rubrics that have been provided with assignment instructions
    • Those same rubrics used to check off the completion of criteria, and give specific feedback as needed in the rubric feedback boxes next to the criteria listed, and overall feedback at the bottom
    • Feedback comments in the assignment (sometimes duplicated from the rubric to make sure it is seen)
    • Notations for points that have been deducted – in feedback comments for assignment or in rubric feedback boxes
    • Announcement: tips and issues from previous assignments
    • Clarification emails
    • Overall in-class comments to support projects
    • Individual one-on-one meetings to review your website and projects
    • Individual email conversations.

    ACTIVE LEARNING- This is basically saying “Are you completing activities and being a part of the learning experience”  Obviously, this course is all about active learning as well as student accountability for being resourceful.

  • I hope this helps with understanding of these terms.  All of the terms above  are incorporated in our course; but, a different application due to the “project based” and National Standards that are set forth in the general education environment.
  • FEEDBACK – This basically means are you getting any support and encouragement for the work you are completing. Feedback in this course has many faces:
  • These are the terms that need to be clarified:
  • Permission to Share Your Website
  • If you are willing to share your website with future students of EDT 180 or EDT 321, please complete this survey – in this link or the link below. Just as you had some examples to review, it would help other students to review yours.
    Thank you,
    Coach A
  • References & Resume Assistance
  • This being a technology course and focused on today’s work place environment, I have had the occasion to complete references for previous students in my classes. I want you to know I am happy to do that for you. If you ever do want to ask me for a reference, as an ASU Alumni I will always have my ASU email: It is helpful to mention the course (EDT 180) and semester you were in my class.If you are ever in need of advice on how to incorporate the skills you learned in this class onto a resume, I am happy to help you with that as well.
  • -Coach A
  • There are many student and staff jobs on campus that tend to pay higher if you have good skills for learning technology; just something to keep in mind.
  • Goals and Objectives
    • Approach new computer-based tasks more easily and with greater confidence
  • Module Screencasts
  •  Please watch the following screencast videos. After viewing the videos, you can determine which La[B]rid option you will follow for this module.
    1. Module introduction (2 min.)
    2. Submitting your project (1 min.)
      • In addition to the instructions for submitting your website URL, please attach your Website Self-Evaluation document that is provided below.
    3. General Weebly Tips (14 min.)

    Be sure to check the Meeting Schedule (left navigation) to see when our next one-on-one meeting is scheduled. Click here to see how to retrieve your meeting log from Google Drive.

  •  The assignments below are due by the end of the day on (date).
    • Website URL submitted to Blackboard in the Write Submission area (when it is complete) – no later than (date).
    • Website Self-Evaluation document submitted WITH your website URL – using Attach Fileoption – no later than (date).
    • Course Evaluation (From ASU)
    • Meeting Logs completed, to be used for determining Semester points (I already have the link to your meeting log so you do not need to resubmit)
    • Bonus activities submitted to Blackboard – no later than (date).
  • Attached Files:
  • Complete this Website Self-Evaluation Form, which is also attached.
    1. There is a column for writing your justifications and explanations for each of the criteria.
    2. The column to the right of that shows the number of points possible for each criteria.
    3. The furthest column to the right YOU need to complete, with the points you are requesting.
    4. Home page: use your Peer Reviewer form that you prepared for Module 11, to copy the criteria you want your Home page evaluated by.
    5. About page: use your Peer Reviewer form that you prepared for Module 11, to copy the criteria you want your About page evaluated by.
    6. Projects: note what page they are on.
    7. CRAP Principles: copy from your Peer Reviewer form, how you implemented the principles on your website.
    8. Website Presentation: comment on each criteria, after you have presented your website in class.

    Points will be deducted if the self-evaluation is not thoroughly completed and submitted to Blackboard through the assignment, by attaching this saved file.

  • WEBSITE TIPS for final submission
  • Attached Files:
  • This list is evolving, as I think of things to point out for maximizing success on your final website submission.
    1. More” link on your website: This is there because of excess pages (per Weebly’s definition of excess). There is a box to uncheck if you want to remove the More link. [See attached image for how to uncheck.] I am not sure how many links Weebly will allow, but you can try it and see what happens.
    2. For your self-evaluation, you may borrow comments from your reviewer – put in your own words.
    3. I will take off points for poor alignment, if I see centered paragraph text. It should be left justified, if there is more than one line.
    4. Contact Weebly Help for technical support, if needed. They have a phone number and email.
    5. Having trouble embedding a screencast? See this guide: Allow Flash in Internet Browsers
      • If you prefer to link to your screencast: Use a Button element so it is more visible. Title the button so it is obvious it is a video, or use a text box with a description of the video (which is also a good idea for embedding the video). To draw more attention to your video: take a screen shot of a scene, save it as an image, upload the image on your website using an Image element, which has an option for inserting a URL to your video. Sometimes a video plays/loads better when you go out to the server where it is housed (, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).


    • IF THE CORRECT URL IS NOT SUBMITTED TO BLACKBOARD. A zero will be assigned. I will not track you down for the correct URL.
      • You must follow the format using [brackets].
      • You must cite all media you used from the various production software.
      • Similar to what the Citing Media information says for #2.
      • 2. If the images on your site are owned by Weebly then you have permission to use them on your site. Simply cite that “All media (or identify which media) is owned by Weebly.”
      • For example: [Infographic] ​All media is owned by Piktochart.
    • I recommend you go into your My Grades to see what you submitted, and make sure your link works and document opens.


    • for an incomplete “Website Self-Evaluation” document submitted to the Blackboard. This includes not adding your name; and not completing the Home page, About page, CRAP principles section, and “Points Requested” column of the document.
    • for paragraph text that is centered and not left justified or left & right justified (spreads text out so even on both sides) -or right if it makes sense, if it is not a heading or subheading (violates CRAP Alignment principle)
    • for URLs instead of hyperlinked Text or Button (poor design).
  • Attached Files:
  • Submit your website information here, for final evaluation. Rubric is attached.
    1. Submit your website URL in the Write Submission area of this assignment.
    2. Submit your completed Website & Presentation Self-Evaluation document, using the Attach File option in this assignment.
  • This link contains everyone’s website and screencast links. If your Screencast link is missing, please email it to me so I may include it. [Either submitted an incorrect link to the assignment, didn’t submit link at all, or did not complete the assignment.]
  • Please review CITING MEDIA.