How To Create an eLearning Project Schedule

November 26, 2016  Tim Slade

The development of an eLearning course is a multi-phased process. From the initial eLearning project kickoff meeting to delivering the final course, the execution of an eLearning project requires strong project management skills and organization. This is particularly true when working with subject matter experts!

eLearning project schedule template

Because most eLearning projects involve multiple contributors, creating an eLearning project schedule and eLearning project plan are great ways to keep everyone on track. Here are some tips and a free download to help you create an eLearning project schedule for your next project!

Define the Deliverable Items

When creating an eLearning project schedule, start by listing all of the deliverable items. How detailed you choose to get with your list of deliverables is up to you. The purpose is to create a list helps you manage the project and keep your SMEs informed (and held accountable).

eLearning project schedule template

When creating an eLearning project schedule, focus on the actual deliverable items, rather than the high-level processes. For example, if you’ll be delivering several drafts of a storyboard, list each draft as an item on your schedule. Because your SMEs also have items to deliver, such as storyboard edits, include them in your list as well.

Establish Individual Responsibilities

eLearning project schedule template

Once you’ve created a comprehensive list of each deliverable item, identify who is responsible for each item. In addition to keeping a project on track, an eLearning project schedule also helps to establish accountability. It’s very common for a subject matter expert to underestimate their required level of involvement. Because of this, clearly identifying who is responsible for each deliverable helps to keep everyone on the same page.

Assign Delivery Dates

eLearning project schedule template

After you’ve listed all of the deliverable items and responsibilities, assign delivery dates for each item. As you do this, remember to be realistic about how much can get accomplished for any given block of time. Meetings, days off, other projects, and the availability of other people can easily affect your eLearning project schedule.

Share It with Your SMEs

Once you’ve completed your eLearning project schedule, share it with your subject matter experts. Make sure they can commit to the delivery items assigned to them and adjust any dates as needed. The schedule you’ve created acts as an unofficial contract, so it’s important that everyone is in agreement.

As the project progresses, revisit the schedule with your SMEs on a regular basis and evaluate if additional adjustments are needed.

eLearning Project Schedule Template

eLearning project schedule template

Download and use this eLearning project schedule template for your next eLearning project!