Top 10 Video Presentation Software to Achieve Your Goals 3 of 10

3. GoAnimate

GoAnimate offers cloud-based functionality to produce custom animated videos with drag-and-drop tools. GoAnimate includes libraries with numerous backgrounds, characters, props, music tracks, and sound and video effects.


  • Wealth of capabilities for tweaking and tuning. Add characters, change the background, match your content with a specific style – all with an intuitive interface.
  • Nifty character builder. GoAnimate lets you recreate learners, customers or yourself using an easy character creator. It’s fun!
  • Publish content in a single click. Share your videos across multiple hosting sites, authoring tools and social media. Alternatively, download your video presentation as a high quality MP4 file.
  • Automatic lip-sync. You can allocate a voice track to specific characters and watch them lip-sync to the track.
  • Animated infographics. A great combination of video and infographics.
  • Media import. Use import to upload images, music, voice tracks, video clips and screen recordings.


  • Easy to use, easy to publish.
  • Hassle-free voice recording.


    • Performance glitches. For instance, GoAnimate doesn’t load YouTube too quickly.
    • A raspy synthetic voice which may sound frustrating.
    • There is a limitation of one character speaking or moving at a time.
    • Any customizations require an upgrade from free to paid.

License costs

There is a free version available. Depending on output quality and restrictions, export options and extra features, GoAnimate also offers several paid plans from $39 to $159 per month.