Top 10 Video Presentation Software to Achieve Your Goals 4 of 10

4. Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a popular tool that helps you transform slides into interactive e-Learning content. Like Camtasia, the product doesn’t need any introduction, but I’d still like to sum up Presenter’s key features as well as pros and Cons.


  • HTML5 support for PowerPoint. You can publish PowerPoint content directly to HTML5, but make sure your animations are safe after the transition.
  • Engaging quizzing. A smart collection of quiz templates and components to help educators test retention.
  • Smart learning interactions. Employ interactive elements to customize the content. Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion…there is a diverse set of options to pick from.
  • Characters. Select your actor, corresponding gestures and background, and enliven the video with a personal touch.
  • Scenario templates. Weave scenario-based training into your methodology. Predefine learners’ paths and what happens next based on their inputs.
  • Universal standard compatibility. Adobe Presenter content can be published across multiple systems. It works smoothly with SCORM in case you’d like it to play back in LMSs.
  • Slide branching. Master slide navigation and develop sophisticated slide branching to guide users through the content.
  • HD quality video. No need for third party hardware to make a nice-looking video. Presenter helps you balance colors, eliminate noises and boost overall video quality.
  • Video add-ons. A great selection of introductory and concluding clips, zooming, custom videos and logos for branding purposes.
  • Automatic closed captioning. Presenter’s speech-to-text conversion functionality helps you automatically generate closed captions for audio tracks.
  • Audio and video streaming. You can enjoy adaptive video and audio streaming if you host your course on Adobe Connect Server.


  • Moderate price combined with elaborate functionality
  • Adapted to mobile devices


    • Support for PowerPoint leaves much to be desired (effects, animations and other PowerPoint features may get lost during conversion)
    • In HTML5 publishing, text and images convert into images
    • There’s no way to view the presentation on a mobile device offline

License costs

A monthly subscription is offered at the affordable rate of $14.99.