Top 10 Video Presentation Software to Achieve Your Goals 9 of 10

9. Explee

Explee is online software that allows you to create whiteboard animation videos.


  • Image bank and Bringlife. Explee boasts a collection of 6,000 images to highlight your ideas and make animations appealing. Also, you can animate any picture of your own by using Bringlife technology.
  • Good selection of animation transitions, in and out effects. Apply various transitions between slides to support Consistent course flow. Make use of a plethora of available in and out animation effects.
  • Simple timeline. Use the timeline to quickly manage a pool of animated videos from a single source.
  • Graphic engine. You are free to preview animated video at your convenience with Visual Engine 2.
  • Advanced audio editor. Reduce, trim or duplicate audio files with the built-in editor.
  • Text-to-speech feature. Should you lack the time or budget for hiring a professional voice actor, feel free to try the HumanBeing functionality. Write down your text, pick a language and gender, and here you go!
  • Universal compatibility. Explee operates smoothly on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Thanks to HTML5, your content is available for views and edits anywhere, any time.


  • Intuitive timeline empowers users to create professional-looking videos.


    • Text-to-speech output sounds unnatural
    • Lack of collaboration options.

License costs

Subscription plans range from the basic $7/month up to $149/month for an all-inclusive video experience.