Top 10 Video Presentation Software to Achieve Your Goals: 1 of 10

This blog posting rounds up 10 nice video presentation software solutions. Free and paid, basic and feature-rich, web-based and packaged – learn more about your screencasting options and judge for yourself. Get a better insight into the world of video, audio and narrations.

Video presentation tools have been mushrooming in the recent years since there is great demand for engaging personalized content in education, business training and knowledge transfer of any kind. What’s the best screencasting and authoring solution at this point? Tastes differ. Here are some great options for you to Consider.

1. TechSmith Camtasia

Camtasia is a celebrated tool with a huge user base. It’s a solution that has been Consistently praised for quality recording down to the pixel. Camtasia makes it easy to capture specific windows or your entire desktop.


  • Edit audio and video. When the recording is over, Camtasia will pigeon-hole the output so you can edit system audio, video, cursor and mic separately.
  • Use your webcam. Just activate your webcam when screencasting, and Camtasia will save your live recording as a separate track.
  • As many tracks as you want. Camtasia offers an expandable multi-track timeline that may include screen content, several audio tracks, effects, callouts, etc.
  • Easy trimming. Cut and join video fragments in just a couple clicks.
  • Noise removal and leveling. Make the sound better by removing background noises or adjusting the levels.
  • Closed Captioning. Camtasia provides both open and closed captioning abilities. Plus, you can easily export captions for translation.
  • Rich in video effects. Keep your audience focused and entertained by adding callouts, quizzing, zooming, etc.


  • No time limits whatsoever. Camtasia really stands out from the crowd in this respect. Lengthy videos are no problem at all since both scalability and performance are up to standard.
  • Great editing options. Camtasia is a bundle of screen recorder and video editor. There is a diversity of editing options inside, from manipulating visual properties to adding transitions, captions and quizzes. Camtasia has it all.
  • High compatibility. Camtasia file formats are interoperable between Mac and PC, and you can always save the project in good old .avi.
  • Good support for PowerPoint. Just integrate the Camtasia toolbar into PowerPoint and start recording presentations in a familiar format.
  • Easy to publish and share. You can share the output on YouTube, Google Docs, MyPlaces and so forth – right from the program dashboard.


    • No web-based option. Unlike many online solutions, Camtasia is a heavy piece of software that requires installation and quite some space on your HDD.
    • No support for a digital camera. Camtasia was designed to work with USB webcams not digital cameras, so TechSmith makes no promises here. Some DV cameras were reported to cooperate smoothly with Camtasia but it’s still a matter of chance.

License costs

Camtasia Studio is free to try. A standard one-user license will set you back at $299.00. An upgrade to the latest version costs $149.50.