Unit 1: Overview

CHAPTER 1: Learning: From Speculation to Science

In this first chapter, you will explore three key findings summarized from the learning research in the 20th century and their implications for teaching and design professional development workshops for teachers. The first key finding suggests the importance of engaging students’ preconceptions as they learn the new concept. The second key finding informs the critical aspects of developing students’ competency in an area of inquiry. The last key finding stresses the critical role of developing students’ metacognitive abilities.

CHAPTER 2: How Experts Differ From Novices

The second chapter illustrates six key scientific findings on the characteristics of experts and how to apply the strategies to support students’ development of expertise. The chapter also provides the educational implications based on the study of expertise.

  • Behaviorism

This ebook chapter provides a short overview of behaviorism, advocates of behavioristic perspective, the educational implications of behaviorism, and techniques to apply the behavioristic perspective to support students’ learning.