Digital Storytelling

According to Jakes (2006), digital storytelling helps students explore the meaning of their own experience, give value to it, and communicate that experience on multi- ple levels to others. The stories can be people, places, things and happenings. Re- search is an integral part of the project. New (2006) equates classroom digital storytelling to lawyers who rely on the power of storytelling to vividly re-create crimes to juries, or archaeologists who conjure former civilizations. She relates that teachers using digital storytelling can make abstract concepts real to their students. Digital storytelling uses digital video, animations, audio, music, and any other me- dia that will help tell the story. Another approach is photostory telling, which uses photos as a basis for the story. An educational experience that includes digital sto- rytelling not only promotes the development of lifelong learners, but lifelong com- municators as well. The following sites provide excellent starting points.