Chapter Slide Image Source File Name
Old One 2 photo j0308889.jpg
Old One 4 clipart j0287310.wmf
Old One 5 Dr. J Dr. J Dr J.
Old One 6 Dr. J Dr. J Dr J.
Old One 7 Dr. J Dr. J Dr J.
Old Two 2 photo j0396099.jpg
Old Two 4 photo j0174964.jpg
Old Two 5 photo j0400377.jpg
Old Two 1 photo j0399879.jpg
Old Two 7 photo j0399786.jpg
Old Two 9 photo j0399402.jpg
Old Two 12 Made I Made: based on information captured on page 27 n/a
Old Two 13 photo j0399784.jpg
Old Two 14 photo j0289026.jpg
Old Two 15 Made I Made: based on information captured on page 27 n/a
Old Two 18 Made I Made n/a
Old Two 20 photo j0400642.jpg
Old Two 21 Made I Made: based on information captured on page 32 n/a
Old Two 22 clipart j0311870.wmf
Old Two 23 clipart j0299203.wmf
Old Two 24 photo j0182530.jpg
Old Three 2 photo j0399836.jpg
Old Three 2 photo j0308887.jpg
Old Three 2 photo j0385330.jpg
Old Three 2 photo j0387953.jpg
Old Three 4 photo j0387958.jpg
Old Three 5 photo j0399552.jpg
Old Three 7 photo j0399539.jpg
Old Three 8 photo j0399477.jpg
Old Three 9 photo j0399539.jpg
Old Three 10 photo j0399350.jpg
Old Three 11 photo j0202077.jpg
Old Three 12 photo j0399539.jpg
Old Three 14 Dr. J Dr. J
Old Three 15 photo j0399539.jpg
Old Four 2 photo j0386306.jpg
Old Four 5 photo j0382854.jpg
Old Four 6 photo j0399721.jpg
Old Four 7 photo j0285108.jpg
Old Four 8 Home Page
Old Four 9 clipart PE02766_.wmf
Old Four 10 photo j0401357.jpg
Old Four 12 clipart j0293736.wmf
Old Four 13 Made Redrew diagram on page 68
Old Four 14 clipart j0283443.wmf
Old Four 15 photo j0309615.jpg
Old Four 16 clipart BD19727_wmf
Old Five 2 photo j0400040.jpg
Old Five 5 clipart j0398745.jpg
Old Five 6 photo j0396121.jpg
Old Five 7 Dr. J Dr. J
Old Five 8 photo j0399554.jpg
Old Five 9 clipart FL00053.wmf
Old Five 10 photo j0302845.jpg
Old Five 11 clipart j0088946.wmf
Old Five 12 clipart PE03327A.gif
Old Five 13 clipart BS00877_.wmf
Old Five 14 clipart PE06239_.wmf
Old Five 15 clipart j0250666.wmf
Old Five 16 clipart j0281600.wmf
Old Six 2 photo j0402015.jpg
Old Six 4 photo j0216037.jpg
Old Six 5 Dr. J Dr. J
Old Six 6 Dr. J Dr. J
Old Six 7 Dr. J Dr. J
Old Six 8 website header.gif.53829
Old Six 9 website ds_logo.gif
Old Six 10 website home.jpg
Old Six 11 website! newlogo5.gif
Old Six 11 website world_banner1a.gif
Old Six 12 clipart ED00220_.wmf
Old Six 13 clipart j0332680.wmf
Old Six 14 clipart BS01161_.wmf
Old Six 15 photo j0398863.jpg
Old Six 16 clipart j0228949.wmf
Old Six 18 photo j0385317.jpg
Old Six 19 website logo.gif
Old Six 19 clipart j0326188.wmf
Old Six 20 clipart j0326188.wmf
Old Seven 2 photo j0285118.jpg
Old Seven 6 clipart j0408000.wmf
Old Seven 7 clipart j0215665.wmf
Old Seven 8 clipart BD06931_.wmf
Old Seven 9 clipart PE06570_.wmf
Old Eight 3 Made Made
Old Eight 4 Dr. J Dr J.
Old Eight 6 clipart j0407734.wmf
Old Eight 7 photo j0396052.jpg
Old Eight 8 clipart j0199243.wmf
Old Eight 8 clipart j0241121.wmf
Old Eight 9 clipart NA02278_.wmf
Old Eight 9 clipart j0239649.wmf
Old Eight 10 clipart BD09485_.wmf
Old Eight 10 clipart j0287316.wmf
Old Eight 11 clipart j0285922.wmf
Old Eight 12 photo j0408961.jpg
Old Eight 13 clipart j0097909.wmf
Old Eight 13 clipart j0311308.wmf
Old Eight 13 clipart ED00277_.wmf
Old Nine 2 photo j0316779.jpg
Old Nine 6 clipart j0403975.wmf
Old Nine 7 photo j0399758.jpg
Old Nine 8 photo j0411809.jpg
Old Nine 9 clipart j0297715.wmf
Old Nine 10 photo j0399440.jpg
Old Ten 2 clipart j0238076.wmf
Old Ten 4 clipart BD06946_.wmf
Old Ten 5 photo j0174966.jpg
Old Ten 6 clipart j0233087.wmf
Old Ten 7 Dr J. Dr J.
Old Ten 8
Old Ten 9 I made with different colors and fonts
Old Ten 10 photo j0400308.jpg
Old Ten 11 clipart j0396844.wmf
Old Ten 12 clipart j0403995.wmf
Old Ten 13 animation j0309717.gif
Old Ten 14 clipart BD06946_.wmf
Old Ten 15 Dr J. Dr J.
Old Eleven 2 photo j0399577.jpg
Old Eleven 6 photo j0387790.jpg
Old Eleven 7 Redrawn from page 209
Old Eleven 9 photo j0399545.jpg
Old Eleven 10 photo j0400379.jpg
Old Eleven 11 clipart j0396938.wmf
Old Eleven 12 Made I Made
Old Eleven 13 Made I Made
Old Eleven 14 clipart j0287504.wmf
Old Twelve 2 photo j0309611.jpg
Old Twelve 5 clipart BS01871_.wmf
Old Twelve 6 photo j0399313.jpg
Old Twelve 7 photo j0396053.jpg
Old Twelve 8 clipart j0240701.wmf
Old Twelve 9 photo j0402613.jpg
Old Thirteen 2 photo j0401036.jpg
Old Thirteen 5 clipart j0084382.wmf
Old Thirteen 6 clipart j0234140.wmf
Old Thirteen 7 website phishing-1.jpg
Old Thirteen 8 photo j0390550.jpg
Old Thirteen 9 photo j0387752.jpg
Old Thirteen 12 clipart BS00330_.wmf
Old Thirteen 13 clipart j0152159.wmf
Old Thirteen 13 clipart j0152165.wmf
Old Thirteen 14 website 45.gif
Old Fourteen 2 photo j0182676.jpg
Old Fourteen 4 clipart j0311146.wmf
Old Fourteen 5 clipart j0083543.wmf
Old Fourteen 6 website ideawrk2.gif
Old Fourteen 7 clipart j0311860.wmf
Old Fourteen 8 Redrew diagram on page 260
New Nine 16 clipart j0366380.wmf
New Nine 16 clipart j0410749.wmf
New Ten 1 photo j0422287.jpg
New Ten 8 clipart j0428351.wmf
New Eleven 2 photo j0341481.jpg
New Eleven 6 clipart ED00251_.wmf
New Eleven 7 clipart j0311198.wmf
New Eleven 8 clipart j0241567.wmf
New Twelve 1 clipart j0082977.wmg
New Twelve 7 clipart j0431643.png
New Thirteen 6 clipart j0195384.wmf
New Fourteen 20 clipart j0233837.wmf