Please send a sample video showing your teaching and delivery style.

  1. To start, get some ideas by watching A and B:
    1. Lecture series for a live talk type video.
    2. Photoshop by Sandra Burns is a screen capture video that shows step by step instructions of how to use a software application.
    3. Pick the perfect title, be specific, deliver 1 thing. Especially for General Courses. Other courses may have more details.
      1. How to sharpen your golf swing…
      2. The 2 foods that lower your blood sugar….
      3. How to save 8 hours a week..
    4. Create a training materials outline:
      1. Introduction
      2. Myth-Busting
      3. The Mechanics
      4. Maintenance 
      5. Troubleshooting
  2. Tools needed to record a video:
    1. Here are some tools to use when recording.
      1. For example: If you’re recording a screen capture video, on Windows, you can record with Camtasia Studio.
      2. And example for a Mac, you can use QuickTime Player.
      3. If you’re recording a live-action sample, just use your phone. There are some phone stands you can use to hold the phone while recording.
  3. Teach a process or explaining a concept:
    1. Timing: 3-5 minutes per lesson in bite-size chunks.
    2. Send us an intro or overview. State your name, the name of the course, etc.
    3. Then, send something “from the middle of a course that is more specific.
    4. Back up what you’re saying with engaging and instructional visuals. In order to present more as a video training versus an audio podcast.
  4. Tell us ‘why’ and ‘how’.
    1. As you clicking through a series of steps, pause and explain why you make certain choices or changes.
    2. Explain why it matters.
    3. Help your viewers understand the expertise and reasoning behind your actions.
  5. The mouse:
    1. Avoid waving the mouse around.
    2. No fast mouse moves.
    3. Enter and leave off-screen.
    4. If you are continuing from a previous step, make sure the mouse is at the same location of where you left off.
  6. Practice:
    1. Practice your delivery so you don’t get thrown off nor sound too scripted.
    2. If you have an iPad you can download a script scrolling app from the app store, that might help guide you.
    3. After enough times repeating a process you probably won’t need a script.
    4. Be friendly, not too formal nor too informal. Imagine you’re sitting down next to someone at their computer, not standing in front of 500 people.
    5. Smile, it’s amazing how we look when we are concentrating. Practice with a mirror above/behind your camera.
  7. Upload your video
    1.  Youtube Title Trick, get ideas from the most viewed videos.
    2. Upload your content to YouTube. If you don’t want to make it public, publish it as an unlisted video.
    3. Send us the link to along with any materials.
    4. If editing is needed we can discuss that in our service packages. (i.e. audio quality, video compression, dog barking in the background.)
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