20 Educational Gifs

These 20 Educational Gifs Will Teach You More Than A Textbook Can.

The internet is flooded with hilarious animated gifs of jumping cats, running babies and hilarious fails. But there’s a whole different class of gifs out there – gifs that can educate and fascinate. These 20 awesome gifs will do exactly that – show you how the world works.

The cool thing about these animated gif images is that they show just how effective a well-chosen video clip can be, no matter how brief. The gif with the Earth situated next to various stars, for example, takes only a few seconds to communicate the incomprehensible differences in scale between our planet and the biggest star we know of. The bean sprout gif, in just a short clip, explains how this plant can find solid objects to climb so easily.

Enough with the silly fail and cute puppy gifs – educate yourself with these!